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I welcome you, and inform you that
I'm still trying to catch up!

There are a lot of changes still happening
on Jonathan's web-site, and plenty
of new material.

Several more articles
I've written in the recent past
will be posted once they
are converted to web format,
but here are the current hot items.

First off, we have
my answers to some current
questions in Physics and Cosmology

Answers to
Foundational Questions

(part one)

Then a new article entitled
The Source of All Symbolism

After that, you can
read my thoughts on

Levels of Abstraction

and what I think about
The Evolution of Mathematics
from First Principles

Then peruse the newly revised
Mandelbrot Cosmology
papers, and check out
the related article:

From the Simplest Assumptions
All Form Arises

Next, I offer two of my articles which
had previously been posted at,

(now permanently off-line)

Is God Alone?

which suggests that both God and Goddess natures are required to manifest the reality we know,



Why Did
the Dimensions
Come to Be?

which offers spiritual insights into developments
in Modern Science, showing what appear to be the first seven significant steps in the universal creative process.

In Awakening Anew
I explain that awakening

the energetic part of ourselves
will bring increased vitality
to both our physical bodies,
and all our endeavors.

Then, in Remembering Wu-Ji
I discuss
the Primal Nature
of all things
known as
Wu-Ji to the Chinese

and why we should remember
it is part of us all.

In The Meaning
of the Abstract
I speak
about the abstract itself,

and about how it exists
apart from the world

then, in Doubting the Doubter I ask
Should we learn to
be more critical of skeptics,
and develop a stronger appreciation
for our own perceptions and experience,
to think better for ourselves?

You can also read
My Letter to the Editors
at Scientific American.


Then, I humbly offer you two articles
which express my opinion about
how we can live life more fully


Do You Love

I suggest
Loving Yourself Better

What is more important
to the expression of love?

What we feel, and
how we express feeling,
or what we think, and whether
we put our heart into thinking?

In order to help answer this question,
I offer you two short essays


I also offer you some poetry


And now for something
completely different.

Would your dreams come true
if your wishes were fulfilled?

Many people don't know
what they want, but some are

Making Wishes Come True

..and others are experiencing
The Blessings of God

..but I often wonder about those people I've
had to leave behind, along with many things which
were important to me, and whether it's better to

Let Go or Let Be?

revised (7/29/99)


And for something
different again.

What is Known,
What is Unknown,
and How do we Know
the Unknowable?

Learn how to Transcend
the Boundaries

and more...


Modern Cosmology
is Undergoing a Revolution!

New observations make
the origin of our universe
exciting to scientists, and others,
because the old answers
don't work.

Is there a Singular Theory
to Explain all the Data?

(here are some thoughts
on the subject)

..and if so, can we actually Go Beyond
the Boundaries of Conventional Science?

(here are some explanations,
some ideas, and some diagrams) be continued


New Feature Articles
Will Be Posted,
from time
to time.

..and sometimes
old articles will be featured.

Mandelbrot Fractal ButterflySee the Mandelbrot Set, nature's ultimate coccoon, transform into a Fractal Butterfly!!

The Mandelbrot Fractal Butterfly represents the boundary between Order and Chaos in the Universe, and depicts the fundamental forces, as they evolve.

(see Fractal Cosmos above, or go directly to the newly-revised
Mandelbrot Cosmology Theory)

My Thought
for the Late Summer
and Early Fall

" What most people don’t understand is that
enlightenment is not a resting place, so much as
it is a means to create the conditions
for enlightened action to begin.

It is essential we realize that having an inclusive,
enlightened, viewpoint is better than insisting on
a more specific and limited understanding. "

- Jonathan J. Dickau
from "Doubting the Doubter"

Look for what you don't see
and make room for it, in your life.

Expect to see new detail appear here,
frequently somewhat at random, due to my
unpredictable availability of time to post updates.

I hope you got something worthwhile
from your visit to my web-site.

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