Fractal Cosmos

animated Mandelbrot into Fractal Butterfly

Mandelbrot, Ah that Orb led Nam.
A Mandelbrot palindrome by JJD

Is the Mandelbrot Set
a template for the conversion
of Energy, or Potential, into Form?

My search for some of these answers
began when I discovered that
a Fractal Butterfly
is obtained by coloring in areas of
the Mandelbrot Set where the magnitude
of the dynamic variable decreases over time.

Around the periphery of this figure
are found circular objects
which might represent
particles, atoms, and stars.

Read about the
Cosmology based on
the Mandelbrot Set
for which this page was born.

another recent work
makes this question
yet more relevant,
and may actually explain
why it is true.

From the Simplest Assumptions,
All Form Arises

shows how concepts from
Sacred Geometry may show
a route to dimensionality that gives
rise to the Mandelbrot Set on the way
to creating the universe.

the Mandelbrot Set with Sacred Geometry - link to article
(Click on image to go to From the Simplest...)

What is Known, and how much
of the Unknown is Knowable?

Will we find that the
Boundaries of Consciousness
are a Fractal?

What are Fractals Anyway?


How does Fractal Nature influence
the Probability things will
assume a particular Form?

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