The Blessings
of God

The blessings of God are not only for those who meet someone else's ideas of what is right, nor only for those who understand just what those blessings are. The blessings of God extend from the very nature of the God-light itself, and from the nature of the Word, which animates all of life. The Life-force itself is a perfect blessing, and the cultivation of Life-energies is the natural activity of God. All reflects the nature of God's Love, in the process of discovering itself. All are One, in the consciousness of God, and all is manifested in the perfect nature of God's Being. It is the nature of the divine to share, to love, and to give blessings.

We are not separate from God, and we're not required to act in a particular way, in order to be with God, or receive God's blessing. It will happen anyway, however, if you are truly open to God, since God's gifts touch the Heart, and the Soul, as well as providing for other needs of the individual. The nature of God's blessings is such that they are gifts which must be given, in order to be fully received. The process of giving and receiving is key to our purpose in life. We are here to give that which we would receive, and receive that which we would give, until we learn what it is best to give and receive, in every instance, and at every instant.

By sharing love, you will experience it more fully, and as you become immersed in the expression of love, the divine nature fills you, until you become a beacon of love, a fountain of love, and ultimately a being of light and love. When we express the divine nature, by giving of ourselves, we unlock and unfold the meaning of who we really are. To the extent we can live in this expression, we become the blessings of God, and the means by which God's blessings come into the world. The most important way we can contribute to this process is by keeping our heart open, allowing ourselves to feel love, and affirming the shared nature of reality.

We are not separate from life, nor from the reality of others, but Spirit is yet more immanent. The atoms in our bodies are all from the Earth, our home, and its substance is from the Cosmos, its home, but our connection to God, and with the Spirit, comes from before time, and lives in every moment. The love we feel, and our ability to love, are our greatest gifts, as these are the very nature of the divine. Such are the blessings of God, for we can magnify them by making use of them. The blessings of God have already been given to you, along with the keys of Heaven. There is a condition, however. You can only possess God's blessings, and the gifts of Spirit, by giving them away. Therefore, love, and become love's servant. Give, and become the greater gift. Thus, the very nature of God is established within you.

©'99 Jonathan J. Dickau - all rights reserved

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