A Poet's Grace

The Rhythm of the metrical feet
dancing through my brain
does put me in a lyrical space,
a poet's grace to obtain

So if, perhaps, I nudge you a bit,
spare me your disdain.
For if you can but show me your grace,
You'll find that I love you again.


Is there a way?

If there was a way to be
surer of my love for thee
I think that I would find
that you were not unkind
when only your resentment I did see.

If there is a way to know
how beyond such love to grow
I feel that I must pray
it's shown to me today,
for deep inside, it seems I love you so.

If there will be ways untold
for me to earn a heart of gold
I know I still shall prize
sweet love, in your disquise,
and cherish the memory as I do grow old.


'Twere not affixéd

'Twere not affixéd in a time
when I did enter the land of rhyme
and what I find so very queer
is that time stands under the things I hold dear

©'98,'99 Jonathan J. Dickau - all rights reserved

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- jd