Mandelbrot Cosmology
a Fractal Cosmology based
on the Mandelbrot Set
(now being revised and updated)
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the Mandelbrot Set with Fractal Butterfly Wings - click for larger annotated version
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A Figure Depicting Cosmological Isomorphism
emerges from the Mandelbrot Set.
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The story begins when I discovered that
A Fractal Butterfly
is obtained by coloring in those areas of the Mandelbrot Set
where the magnitude of the dynamic variable decreases
over three successive iterations, or calculations.

When I first saw this shape, on a friend's computer, I got the sense
that the progression of forms, around the edges of the set, follows a pattern
similar to the unfolding of the universe as it is depicted by modern Cosmology.

In November of 1987, I shared my preliminary findings with readers of
Amygdala, a journal devoted to Fractal Mathematics and the Mandelbrot Set.

Ten years later, I decided I wanted to elaborate upon my ideas, and share them with others
by posting these pages on the Internet.   Now, almost nine more years have gone by, and
I'm in the process of making nine years worth of edits.   There are some much-needed
corrections, some elaborations and/or clarifications, plus there are some new findings and
other additional content that has been compiled during that time.   That portion of the process
is more than two thirds complete!   There are also links and references that will be added
or updated.   Other changes will either correct typographical errors, or modernize
the code.   Please forgive any glitches, as I am updating these pages,
while I continue sharing my findings and observations
with the rest of the world, on the web.

The First Five Chapters of
The Mandelbrot Set and Cosmology

are currently being edited, and the long-awaited
sixth chapter is in the wings.

Introduction -
an Overview

last updated
August 1, 2006

Early Forces -
Cosmological Isomorphism
in the Beginning

revised and updated
August 4, 2006

Approaching Decoupling -
the Matter/Energy Cloud Expands

revised and updated
August 7, 2006

The Electromagnetic Force -
the Age of Atoms and Molecules

revised and updated
August 2, 2006

Gravitational Effects -
Neutron Stars and Black Holes

partially updated
August 4, 2006

And an introduction
to the sixth chapter
Unifying Form and Forces -
a Holographic Chain of
Fractal Universes

And, of course, Jon's
Images Gallery
awaits your visit.

I wish to thank Mark Little and Glenn Knickerbocker, who were there with me in 1985 through '87,
when I first began to explore the Mandelbrot Set and all of the delightful things one can do with it.
They helped make sure that I had the tools to do further exploring, and they
assisted me in acquiring the know-how to use those tools wisely.

I also wish to thank Rollo Silver, who published a short article
about this theory in his publication Amygdala
(issue #7), in November of 1987.

In addition, I wish to thank Benoit Mandelbrot, who became excited
about the implications of my theory, when he first learned of it.

Of course, I should give some credit to the publishers of Scientific American,
and to A.K. Dewdney, whose article about the Mandelbrot Set (in August of '85)
positively blew my mind, and got me 'hooked on fractals.'

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