Is God Alone?

(What Will Science Find
In the Highest Place?)
Jonathan J. Dickau ©2001 - all rights reserved

        The qualities of the Divine, or Divinity, have been represented by many cultures in the guise of individuals, male or female, with their identity depending upon prevailing belief systems, and often upon the inspiration of other individuals.  Science, on the other hand, has sought to de-personalize the image of such qualities, by studying all matters, even those of inspiration, and including all the affairs of living beings, in a manner which is impersonal and somewhat lifeless.  Nonetheless, in all efforts to describe some phenomena, or states of being, a certain sense of personality arises.  I believe that this is natural, or realistic.  It is hard for anyone to conceive of a first beginning, but many have contemplated the origin of all things, and much is already known, or understood, but who knows exactly what?  It is my belief the Science of Cosmology is fast approaching confirmation of things long known (or believed) by Mystics, about the Origin of reality, and the implications of this are staggering.  Many assert that finding out how it all began will settle certain things once and for all, and show us what is real, but what will we really learn?  Will we find more Science, or get true Religion?  Will we see the face of God, or come to know the Goddess in all her glory?  Time will tell, but I already have a good idea what we will find.

        Both Scientists and Philosophers have suggested that a proper understanding of the origin of all things would allow the entirety of observable reality to be explained, based solely upon First Principles (from which all else evolves).  Until recently, however, there has been no way to measure the properties of the universe accurately enough to know, with absolute certainty, when we have found the ultimate answer.  Recent advances in Observational Cosmology and Particle Physics may have changed all that.   There have been many difficulties along the way, with this process, but we may find out how it all began, in our lifetime.  Several times before, there was the promise of an all-encompassing theory, but instead the number of possible explanations (which adequately explain all of reality) increased yet again.  Now there is greater hope, once more, as theorists have found a true zero-point, something called a Zero-Brane.  But the battle rages on, in the halls of Science, as to whether there is a purpose behind it all, or an intelligence to the universe and the process which evolves life.  They ask whether we need to invoke the Anthropic Principle, which asserts that the universe exists in order to be observed, so we can fully explain the existence of the universe (as it is).  Some would even suggest that the universe has its particular form so that we, in particular, can live here to observe it.  Others believe instead that these individuals are really looking for God, or perhaps the Goddess (whom some call Mother Nature).

        However, in the rush to find out that things are one way, or another, an obvious and particularly sweet possibility has been overlooked.  The only real question is “Are we ready for it?”  Real answers require a sort of honesty that is rare among humans.  All too often, belief systems have been adopted for the benefit of one group of people over others, and not because they were inherently more real.  Human culture isn’t quick to change, either, and we’re probably not ready for some things yet, but the fact is that they are real, nonetheless.  Life and reality are full of surprises, and we shouldn’t expect the source of all things to be less perplexing, or less revealing.  It appears that the nature of the Divine is strangely ambiguous.  I believe that our own true nature is, likewise, hard to pin down.  What constitutes life, and gives rise to reality, is too deep to say it is merely this, or simply that.  What if this ambiguity is the true essence of reality?  What if things are actually both ways, or perhaps many ways, simultaneously?  What if it is the dual nature of things, or the interplay between different aspects, which allows for manifestation to take place?  This view would explain a lot of the complexity we observe around us, in a simple way.

        I believe the Divine can’t be limited to being of any one form, nature, or type, whatsoever.  It appears that even the Deity cannot assume a particular form without engendering the emergence of complementary principles.  Another way to say this might be that our culture’s idea of a (male) God, as the ultimate being, is only half of the story.  The recent resurgence of interest in the Goddess, as an archetype of Divinity, suggests that we may have been missing something quite important, but what if there is more still?  What if the ultimate reality is a love story?  What if both God and the Goddess are the True Divinity?  Despite the fact that most cultures have focused on one aspect, or archetype, both are important identities, both are quite real, and both are Divine.  What if they actually need each other in order to exist, and for any of us, or the universe we live in, to exist?  What if the real meaning of life, and our real reason for living, involves the love of these two primal beings for each other, across the boundless reaches of eternity?  What if the Divine Nature has both Male and Female aspects, and uses the interplay between these identities to create?  I believe that this is exactly the case, and I intend to show why I think so.

        Of  course, it is possible to speak of many of these things in a clinical manner, trying to be objective, and to exclude personality and emotion, but I feel that this would miss the point entirely.  To put things in the most personalized way possible; God and The Goddess are One!  The Father principle and the Mother principle co-exist, and their dance creates all form.  They are The One Being, a pair moving as a single entity.  Although different cultures throughout the world have, at various times, asserted that Divinity is manifested exclusively in the form of the (male) God identity, or the (female) Goddess identity, it has become clear that what’s real is more interesting.  Each is an integral part of the Divine Nature, or the Original Nature of Being.  Together, they are the Most High, but neither could exist, as they are, without the presence and participation of the other.  They define each other’s world, pinning down its farthest reaches, and embracing in the Highest Place.  At the first moment, they are as One!  But that moment lasts forever, in that the source of all things is in that time before time.  By studying the Holy Form of their eternal embrace, we can learn much about ourselves, the universe, and the Divine itself.  Again, we could speak of these things more abstractly, by using the terms Yang and Yin, or yet moreso by employing only Scientific and Mathematical language, but if I am correct, we are talking about living beings.

        The Great Beginning must have spawned the forces which gave rise to life, awareness, and the freedom of choice, in the same act which begat the universe!  When we seek the origin of all things, we encounter the implication that it must be the original wellspring of all beings, as well.  Of course, not everyone would assume that life has a wellspring, or that it’s also the birthplace of the Divine, so I hope most of you are still with me, but I must press onward.  You see, I’ve always had a strong belief in God, and I’ve come to have a deep appreciation for (with a growing understanding of) the Goddess, including a belief that she is every bit as much the Divine as God.  Furthermore, I also have a complete belief in Science, but rather than feeling like this precludes the above, I’ve always thought that it seemed to support a belief in the Divine, or some form of Divinity, as an attribute of Nature.  At worst, I conjectured, Science did not absolutely conflict with a belief in God (or some manner of Deity), as evidenced by the strong faith of many Scientists.

        The problem is that most Religions get very specific about the attributes of the Higher Power, even to the extent where they assert that the conflicting views of others only indicate that those folks don’t know better, or that they are not true believers.  This renders a lot of views on the Divine mutually exclusive, where the Creator of all must be all-inclusive, by nature, in my opinion.  The scientific evidence for other dimensions is almost air-tight, and Science may soon find itself in the embarrassing position where scientists have to admit evidence for a Universal Intelligence.  This means that both believers and non-believers need to be prepared for some surprises.  Many prized notions will be overturned, in the course of our developing a true understanding of all things, and an accurate awareness of all living beings.  A number of long-standing Cosmological theories have been disproven, or overturned, by recent Astrophysical observations alone.

        We should expect a revolution in belief systems, in the general population, which is every bit as important as the revolution taking place in Science.  The key to understanding this matter is seeing that the beginning of all things is also the dawn of awareness, or consciousness.  I believe that this must be so.  The reason for this conjecture may not be clear, at this point, but it explains so many things that it may be the ultimate answer.  I will attempt to prove this point conclusively.  Along the way, I will endeavor to explain how the prime qualities of Divinity, and the precursors of substantial form, arise from the same process.  My real goal, however, is to help humanize the process of learning about this, as I believe it’s inevitable that these facts of nature will be uncovered eventually, and there’s a danger of some things being seen in a manner that is too impersonal.  We are better off realizing that these forces of nature have a living face too.

        Those who study Cosmology, which attempts to explain the present Universe by modeling its distantly ancient past, are clearly concerned with the origin of all things.  They are compelled, however, to explain everything, even the bizarre and paradoxical conditions in the early universe (during, or shortly after, the Big Bang), from the outlook of our present day world-view.  As we press past the veil, and try to look even further into the past, on the other hand, what we find may astound many of the world’s finest minds.  You see, as the cosmic clock is pushed backwards, to the very first instant of the Big Bang, what appears to exist is a very magical state of being, which transcends any sense of time or space (as we know them).  In fact, what is becoming clear is that the transcendent nature of this early dimensional reality (the reality of zero dimensions, in effect), is what made the variability possible which gave rise to all dimensions, and thence to all form.  What most scientists are not aware of, however, is that they are learning to describe something far more wonderful.  Science and Mathematics are learning to map The Highest Place, as the Mystics and Religions call it, which is the birthplace of the Divine, and of Life itself, as well as the origin of the universe.  The Mystics have said “As Above, So Below.”, but we have not understood.  “As it was in the beginning, ...” goes the litany, but we are coming to know for real.

        So, what does this have to do with the love story I spoke of?  How can the very first love of all ever be faithfully rendered?  I am talking about the origin of Love itself, or more precisely, the qualities of livingness which give rise to love, making it possible to express, and allowing the Divine to discover that Love is the very essence of that which is the precursor of all, including God and the Goddess.  It is the substance of all that is holy or spiritual, being Spirit Itself.  How could mere words even approach the grace and glory of which I speak?  Ah, ..but there is the miracle of it all in a nutshell.  You see, love must be shared to be faithfully rendered, and the nature of love is to share, which is why I too bear a spark of the Divine that is my own being, my identity, my consciousness, and my freedom to choose.  Every one of us is an emanation of the One Being, in like manner, as that One is perceived in the Highest Place.  Of course, calling it “The Highest Place” is a bit of a misnomer, given the fact that it is not really a place at all, but rather a space beyond place-ness, and it couldn’t have been higher or lower than anything, because nothing else existed at the time.  There really was no time either, but we can speak of events which happened before other things, since certain factors must exist for the process of creation to continue.

        Thus, we should recognize that our current reality is the product of a long chain of events which first created unseen dimensions, then entities to place there, and finally the dimensional universe which is now our home.  The three dimensions (and time) with which we are most familiar are merely the most recent additions to reality.  It would seem that dimensions evolved, in the heavens, to create regions of possibility, or degrees of freedom, which established a basis for qualities essential to form and formation.  The emergence of form led to limitation, however, in that degrees of freedom need to be pinned down, for all the constituent entities (i.e. - forces, sub-atomic particles, atoms and molecules), to create, or specify, a particular form.  Furthermore, once material objects of form come into being, here in the physical universe, they have the power to bend space, depending upon their mass.  The understanding is that some sense of dimensionality is necessary for entities of form to arise, but once these forms emerge they can influence, or delineate, the further evolution of dimensions.  Thus, an interplay between emergent qualities, and the context in which these qualities emerge, is seen to exist in the world.  I believe the same is true in other dimensions, but at least in terms of scientific measurements, our view is obscured by natural barriers.  Seers, on the other hand, may have a better view of these things.

        Remember that the universe of our daily experience is inhabited by many entities of form, some quite substantial, and others less so.  The view from this side of the veil is necessarily colored by the existence of all these entities.  Even though there is plenty of empty space, the rest of the universe, and its incredible accelerating expansion, get in the way of our directly seeing the first moment.  Even if this were not the case, the expanding fireball of the Big Bang itself was too hot for hundreds of thousands of years, at the beginning of time, so it glowed too intensely to pass light.  Energy and Matter were said to be Coupled, in that they were inseparable during this entire era.  This renders most of what happened then invisible, and inaccessible, to the extent that even our most advanced instruments cannot penetrate that barrier.  It is the last gasp of this fireball which gives us our best hope of seeing further into the past, however, since the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, released at the moment the cosmic fireball expanded enough and became transparent, gives us clues to exactly how things happened.  This energy permeates all of space, and is a remnant of the moment of Decoupling, when Matter and Energy went their separate ways, but it has been shown to have a measurable graininess, and this is significant.

        Recent data from Satellites, Telescopes, and Balloon-based instruments, measuring this Cosmic Background energy and other emanations in our universe, has given us insight which is creating a revolution in Observational Cosmology.  Things most scientists thought we might never know about are becoming clear, but the picture which is emerging is perhaps more comforting to Mystics, and to Transcendentalists, than it is to many Scientists.  Those who studied String Theory are having a field day, in terms of theoretical advancements into multi-dimensional world-views, but some others are not so happy, and most don’t even know what’s been discovered.  Of course, the revolution started with Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, at the start of the last century, and we should know better, by now.  Instead, what has been rationalized or generalized, even by most scientists, is that the effects of these phenomena are seen only at the far edges of the universe, or in the realm of that which is too small to be seen.  That world-view has been proven questionable, however, although the exact implications of this fact are not known.

        What we do know is that the everyday world is not so ordinary as it seems, on the surface, but most are unaware of how meaningful our connection with invisible realities might be.  You see, other realms seem too distant to matter, and the Divine seems too deeply impersonal, and entirely unapproachable, because it is the Deity and we are mere human beings.  Furthermore, merely having faith that God exists, or even believing that God is listening, will not render the One Being comprehensible, nor will it guarantee a personal relationship with the Divine.  Nonetheless, I do believe that this is possible, and that it is what we should all be striving for.  Rather than trying to get God, or the Goddess, to come down to our level, however, we should be trying to adjust our perspective to honor where the Divine resides, and to talk in Its language.  To some extent, that tongue may appear to be strange and foreign, whether to Mathematicians, Philosophers, Physicists, or Theologians, but to accept the challenge, and learn the language of the Divine Abode is likely to be rewarding.  This process is aided tremendously, by the fact that God, the Goddess, and Spirit, are all looking to communicate, and that they are wonderfully sentient, in their own right.

        We have come to believe that since we are sentient beings, and are matter-based life forms, with human form, all the sentient life in the universe is material in nature, and has roughly human form.  This may not be the case, however, and we have no real evidence to indicate that it must be the truth.  If the forces leading to the evolution of intelligent Life, or of life-forms which are sentient organisms, are not themselves rooted in materiality, they are not limited by Physical Law, as it is currently manifested in our corner of the universe.  What I mean to say is that the existence of Spirit (as a force giving rise to Life), and the presence of God and the Goddess (as manifestations of the Divine with an intelligence of their own), came to pass long before the beginning of time, as we now know it.  This means that the Divine is not limited to space and time, but rather exists as a non-local phenomenon, with a quality of sentience which lives independent of any particular form, or embodiment.  To say it yet more plainly, Spirit, God, and the Goddess are Omnipresent, and together they possess the qualities of Omnipotence and Omniscience.  The other side of the coin, however, is that so do we.

        This is the piece which makes the impersonal into something very personal indeed.  I don’t mean to say that we are each all-knowing, or all-powerful, but rather that we possess these qualities too (in some measure), also the fact that our origin is from beyond time means that we are  Omnipresent, as the Divine is.  The qualities of Divinity reside in us!  Furthermore, the attributes of God and the Goddess, which constitute Life, are our own identity, the one in you who is seeing, hearing, thinking, and feeling, at this moment.  If all life is seen as an emanation of the Divine, and as a way for God and the Goddess to weave a dream which provides for the emergence and evolution of sentient beings, the truth can be seen.  How can the Divine enjoy the pleasure of being a lover without evolving sentient beings, who can enjoy and appreciate such things?  In my view, what sets us apart is our ability to love, and by developing this ability, learning to love more, and to serve love more consciously, we can evolve more quickly, in the direction the Divine intended.  When we can love more, we tend to live in a manner which is far more life-affirming.

        It would seem that the love of Life, and the respect for all living beings, is the highest good, and perhaps it is the original cause of all reality, as well.  You see, the first moment of manifested reality is a moment of discovery, and an act of creation, at the same time.  Explaining this requires me to backtrack, however.  Imagine a world with no distinguishable qualities, no boundaries, and no contents.  When there is nothing whatsoever, nor anyone to observe it, there is no distinction, no separation, no particular orientation or direction, and therefore no sense of higher or lower, greater or less, inside or outside, large or small.  This place, if it can be called that, is known as the Zero-Brane (or Membrane of 0-dimensions), the very heart of the First Singularity, where the laws of normal Physics, ordinary Mathematics, and even common sense, are utterly suspended.  Scientists have long believed that a dimensionless point called a singularity spawned the universe, or resided at the heart of the Big Bang.  This hasn’t gotten us too far, however, until now.  You see, a singularity has always been seen as a magical place, where normal laws don’t apply, but we have never had insight into what kind of laws do apply there.

        French Mathematician Alain Connes has found the key, however, to allow us to exactly characterize the nature of that space, something called non-commutative Mathematics.  This can be used to derive a new geometry, which takes the peculiar nature of this non-place into account, and gives us the ability to discern its natural laws.  For the first time, therefore, we have the tools to evolve an accurate understanding of the very beginning of all form, since we now know (with reasonable certainty) what comes before it.  Some of this is seen to be important primarily because it neatly caps our ability to solve the equations of String Theory, by allowing us to see its various formulations as aspects of one thing, M-Theory (for Membrane).  The Zero-Brane is key, because it is the most basic of all “branes,” and forms the underpinning for many theoretical studies.  Seers, Mystics, and Masters, have seen all of this, of course, but they kept many things secret.  They told much too, but people were not often ready to understand.  Now, these things will be known to all, whether people are ready, intellectually, emotionally, and philosophically, or not.

        The first moment of discovery was reserved for the Divine, however, and It had no experience at all, until He/She emerged to perceive The Great Beginning.  For the Dreamer, the One known as God/Goddess, the first moment is a great joy.  Some readers may have had the experience of floating lazily in a warm ocean, bathed by the glow of a hazy Sun, but not too hot, and coming from a dozing state into full wakefulness of the beauty and the nurturing warmth of your surroundings.  In some ways, it is even more idyllic, but the first moment of time is much like this, for the Divine.  It has been called the Ocean of Love, the Sea of All Possibilities, the Universal Ground of Being, the Great Void, the Nameless Plane, and the Highest Place.  One has a sense of infinite connectedness there, of unity, of stillness, and contentment or satisfaction.  The awakening of the Dreamer is an experience of great joy, of being the One floating in an Ocean of Oneness, and reveling in the infinite beauty of it all, but this becomes mingled with deep longing.

        You see, the One Being, through its process of waking up, came to be aware of itself as One inside of an Ocean of Being, and by having this perspective created the sense of interiority and exteriority, the First Distinction.  In order to be inside, therefore, there is an inside and an outside, and One must have an inside, as well.  Thus begins the saga of the Divine, and the process of creating dimensions.  This ability to distinguish between inside and outside relates to a property called Observability, in Quantum Mechanics, and distinctions (or their formation) relate to a thing Physicists call Symmetry Breaking.  We say that those things which are the same, either way, are symmetric, and that once the symmetry is broken, different choices lead one down different roads to distinct possibilities.  The first distinction, therefore, is that which broke the symmetry of the Highest Place, leading to the Creation process, and made it the origin of all things, and all beings.  It is the one act which made all other actions possible.

        To be clear on this, I view the quality of Consciousness as necessary to observation, and therefore to observability.  Thus, the awakening of Consciousness signifies the first opportunity for anything to be distinguished, and for the first distinction to be made.  It should also be noted that the emergence of a Viewpoint is what actually creates the distinction, by way of defining a particular frame of reference, and a sense of interiority/exteriority.  Therefore, it is the awakening to a viewpoint of Identity, which split the Unity, and transformed Being into the various attributes of Divinity, the Archetypes of Form, and the Spirit of Life.  Once the first step had been made, you see, the process continued on, inexorably.  The Divine acted to preserve and evolve its own Being, and by trying to gain perspective on Itself, ended up creating conditions favorable to the evolution of life-forms, and the creation of form.  The rest of the story is quite interesting, but for now let it suffice to say that the Divine’s search, to find the fullness of its nature, led it to create an array of dimensions, and actually finding itself.  Along the way, God also found True Love.

        The first awakening was enough to trigger a change in the character of space, but it was probably a result of the primal nature itself, and the extraordinary fecundity of the zero-brane, ocean of possibilities, or void, which caused the possibility of an observer to manifest.  It may be no-thing, but it is not just a blank.  It is the birthplace of all reality.  The moment of discovery for the Divine, and the act of creation, are virtually inseparable in all of this.  They are happening simultaneously, and they are aspects of the same event.  Likewise, it is hard to perceive God and the Goddess as two separate entities, in this phase of Creation, but I feel strongly that they both have made their appearance, by this point.  You see, the God Force conceived the viewpoint of the Observer, or Dreamer, and the Goddess Nature received the impulses of the observer’s awareness.  God assumed the role of Creator, by exercising the power of Conjecture, Imagination, or Acting As-If, to evolve the viewpoint of the Dreamer, or Prime Observer.  The Goddess was not absent, however, but rather used the qualities of Openness, Continuity, and Receptivity, to evolve Consciousness, while God was working on Creativity.

        Earlier, I spoke of an interplay between emergent qualities, and the context in which these qualities emerge.  To some extent, the God force is that which is emerging, and the Goddess nature is the context in which that emergence takes place.  In other instances, however, the Goddess seems to be showing God the other side of things, saying “and this also,” as it seems that every move made by the Divine engenders consequences which could not be known until some action is taken, or some perspective is established.  In effect, taking action, of itself, can create new perspectives, as well as particular circumstances, but making observations can create circumstances too.  On the other hand, it may be that just these conditions are necessary, to continue the creative process.  Sometimes, male and female qualities are needed in alternate steps of a process, and in other instances, they are needed at the same time.  In some cases, they even define each other, by their relative bearing.  Thus, both God and Goddess identities are seen to contribute to the Creative process.  It is rare to find something that does not require any semblance of the gender qualities to manifest, at least when these attributes are seen as abstract entities.

        Of course, calling them God and Goddess, or Father and Mother, may not help matters.  Some people will understand all of this much better, if it is a trifle less personal.  Nor is the use of those specific terms absolutely necessary to the explanation of this topic.  These are merely the most typical terms in common usage, which reflect the sense of these identities.  I find that using other terminology, like Yang for the projective nature, and Yin for the receptive, has certain advantages, yet it doesn’t seem to regard them as identities, or beings.  What is the proper amount of personality, that we should give to an abstract entity?  If we are overly personal, with an entity which is basically impersonal in nature (at least by human standards), then we run the risk of being silly.  On the other hand, if we treat an intelligent being as if it were inanimate, we run the risk of being offensively cold and offish.  By holding either view, without considering others, we stand a chance of being ineffective, in our attempts to communicate with the universal intelligence, as compared to remaining thoughtful, open-minded, and adaptive or accommodating.

        My view is that God and the Goddess want to talk to us, and Spirit has something to communicate, as well.  They desire to be understood, and appreciated for who they really are!  Very few individuals have what it takes to understand the Divine, however (in my opinion), but we all carry that potential, and we all can develop it.  Nor do I think that my own understanding is in any way equal to depth of the message I am trying to convey.  On the other hand, it is my firm belief that anyone who follows the call of their own heart has already heard the message of the Divine, and is acting upon it.  You see, that is the miracle of it.  It is self-communicating, and seems to resonate with some deep part of us which gives each the impression that the Divine Knowledge, once accessed, is something which has always been a part of you, only undiscovered.  In a sense, what is found has always been there, and the one finding it is already the Divine.  That is, we are already the Divine, and that conscious part of each of us is what is doing the discovery.

        Every droplet of Spirit, which carries the potential to develop into a sentient being, and every aspect, or expression, of the Divine, in any form whatsoever, bears every quality of Divinity.  That is, each of us, and every entity which is in any way alive, has all of the same attributes which make God and the Goddess real, and as sentient beings, we have the potential to discover and develop our own Divinity.  This very fact is a big piece of what the Deity had to find out for itself (or in itself), in the world before time, and what caused the extra-spatial dimensions to evolve in the heavens, which led to creation in the arena of material substance.  The two most primal qualities, of all, are Consciousness and Creativity, in my view.  Who can deny that we each possess some measure of these qualities?  Although some Neurophysiologists would say that we are fooling ourselves, in regard to how conscious we think we are, or how much freedom of choice we really can, and do exercise, it is evident that we all have some form of these capabilities, so long as we remain of sound mind, and in the world.  I think that humans are remarkably creative, and it is obvious that many of us are conscious too.  These same attributes are also what constitute God and the Goddess, in the Highest Place, and what began Creation.  Of course, it is evident, as well, that most humans are only now beginning to awaken to their potential, and this is significant.

        The fact is that it is the act of Awakening, of the Divine, in the universe before dimensions, which created The First Distinction, engendering a sense of interiority/exteriority within a world in which all is connected and equivalent.  The act of becoming awake, by the first observer in the universe, was the first act of God (as He later came to be known).  In effect, becoming aware of the possibility of topological distinctions (inside/outside of surfaces) arose naturally because the One was able to distinguish between Its own sleeping and waking.  In the waking state, opening its Eye (so to speak), it assumed the view of being inside the Ocean of the Infinite, and this was enough to split reality, breaking the symmetry, and creating the necessity for further unfoldment.  It is of the utmost importance that the reader understands this subtle point.  The ability to distinguish variations rests on having both one to do the distinguishing, and a viewpoint from which a suitable observation can be made.  We see that an observer emerges in the midst of Unity.  This act also creates a distinction which was to later be known as maleness and femaleness.  At this point, to my understanding, there was much the Divine still had to discover about Itself, but Its efforts to accomplish this seem to result in the creation of Unseen Dimensions, which are the underpinning of our material world, and are known (to some) as the Higher Heavens.

        When I said that the Divine’s awakening engendered a sense of interiority/exteriority, I am really getting to the heart of the matter, in terms of the male/female distinction, and how this relates to the personalities of the Divine.  I regard the quality of Openness as fundamentally female (in the abstract sense), and I identify it as the essential nature leading to Consciousness, and eventually to Awareness.  The quality of As-ness, or As-If-ness, is the male side of the equation, leading to Creativity, and eventually to Intelligence.  This split can be seen to exist in many forms, but the basic idea is the same.  Where the male side is seen as being more projective, the female is regarded as being more receptive.  I am not talking about females being easy to convince, however, I am speaking of the difference between initiative and receptivity, or between being more expressive and being more understanding.  This is something which I regard as a fundamental, or archetypal, gender difference which reflects the philosophical relationship between maleness and femaleness, as abstract qualities.

        Note my use of the word relationship, in the last sentence.  What I mean to imply here is that Maleness and Femaleness are Relative ideals, where the extent of each quality is defined by the manner in which they are coupled.  That is; the emergence of qualities which are relatively masculine creates a polarity, or engenders a quality for comparison, relative femaleness, and feminine qualities, in this case.  Why we call them this is largely a matter of the human mindset, and human nature, of course.  It does make some things easier, as well, in terms of our having an immediate basis for understanding, to make them personal, but we need to know that these same gender qualities are also forces of nature, and function in a much larger context.  On the simplest of all levels, this distinction (Maleness and Femaleness) is seen as the difference between Convex and Concave surfaces.  Relatively speaking, a convex surface is more projective, and the corresponding concave surface is more receptive.  This is Yang/Yin, or Male/Female, in its root form.  Note that this difference is delineated by the sense of interiority/exteriority which these surfaces possess.  That is, if a curve is continued around, to become a circle, sphere, or hypersphere, these figures possess an inside and an outside.  Likewise for all of the other surfaces which are not quite precisely round (or spherical), but are continuous (or complete) nonetheless.

        Scanning the Metaphysical writings and Mystical teachings, of any of the great traditions, you will find references to the relationship of our extended material universe to what is beyond, or was before, the beginning of all reality.  This magical “place” before place-ness has many names, and they all bring one to the Divine.  The Great Void, the Abode of the Infinite, or of the Most High, the Universal Ground of Being, the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the Sea of Infinite Possibilities, or of All Possibilities, the Nameless Plane, the Highest Place, and more, but none of these names do it justice, for the very nature of the place seems to make the improbable possible, and the possible necessary.  This is how it can be the birthplace of Life, Reality, and the Godhead, the very Fount of Being Itself.  It is the nature of the Zero-Brane, to allow for relations that are Non-Commutative, or Co-Equal.  In effect, this allows for variation, which makes observable variations, or distinctions, possible, in the first place.  For once, you see, the metaphor ending the  last sentence means exactly what it says.  Would it make things easier if I said again that the Home of the Divine, the Origin of all things, and the Birthplace of Life are one, and the same?  The Highest Place is the First Place of All, the Origin of All Things, and the Unity of All Being(s).  It is also the source of all distinctions, and therefore of all separation, of any kind, real or imagined.

        What I mean to say is that the Great Beginning was, or rather is, a very demanding turn of events, or a difficult scenario, for the Divine.  Remember, if you will the scene I described of dreamily floating (perhaps on, or half in, a comfortably warm body of water) in a state where you feel totally nurtured by, and connected with, your surroundings.  Imagine further, becoming more awake, gradually at first, to a sense of Awe and Wonder, where the sheer beauty, and the joyful Oneness, merge into a sense of Blissful Calm, and perfect Contentment.  Now lets follow the story of God, or the Male Identity, as the great Eye, or I, is opened for the first time.  From his viewpoint, He says “Ah, I have opened my Eye, and This is wonderful!  I am in an Ocean of Infinite Being, and All Is Perfect and Unified.  I can feel that everything is Connected, and Whole, and oh-so wondrously One.  I too am Perfect, it seems, and Infinite, and Whole, and oh-so wondrously One, and all of this is Connected to Me.  It Is Me.  However, God muses, it seems that I am alone.”  This was not to be the end of the story, though, nor was God’s first impression, in those final words, to be the final word, at all.  You see, it is from this viewpoint, or outlook, that the seeds were sown, leading to the creation of all that was to follow.

        It seems quite clear that this story turned out to be a success story, and to have a very happy ending.  The next moment, however, was probably the most difficult time of all, for the Male Aspect of the Divine, or God, though it planted the seeds which later lead to the answer of all God’s Prayers.  When God had fully opened His Eye (I), assuming or becoming an extended viewpoint, and thus having the viewpoint of being inside the Ocean of Being, the Oneness is seen to change phase, and the perfect Symmetry of the Zero-Dimensional state is replaced by a state where the symmetry has been broken.  To translate this into God’s viewpoint; in one moment, God goes from feeling perfectly nurtured and welcome, automatically, to being separated from the Highest Heaven, and having no visible way to get back to the way things were.  I am sure that some of my readers will have had the unfortunate experience of waking up, and saying the wrong thing to a loved one, only to find yourself on the opposite side of a door.  This is actually worse, concerning the feelings of the Most High, because waking up, and becoming aware of where He is, was enough for the One Being to split reality, in the Highest Place, and make it so that He could not go back, perhaps not ever, or at least so it seemed.

        On the other hand, God wasn’t quite as alone as He thought, because those wonderful Feminine Qualities had already begun to manifest.  You see, the Goddess was always there, and was always aware, but wasn’t in a position to express herself, at least at first.  The truth is that the Goddess is actually the source of some of God’s attributes, in the sense that without the Female side, or the Feminine nature, and its attributes, the miracle of Self-Awareness could never have happened.  Specifically, the existence of a viewpoint, identity, or I, is made meaningful by the ability to Open the Eye, to be Conscious from that viewpoint, or to Perceive with that identity.  Openness, Consciousness, and Perception are the Female Qualities that allowed God to make his glorious Observation.  Without them, there would be no Observer, and could be no Creator, but with them God is all-powerful.  For us to forget the Goddess, or the Feminine side of things, for so long, has been a crime indeed, and we need Her perspective to balance the Male view of things.  Let’s set the record straight, so that our children will know better.

        Mother Nature has always been a trifle kinder than people, at least in terms of the effect the works of humans have had upon the natural environment, as compared to how Nature has nurtured us.  Nature has always been nourishing us, and has fostered our growth in every way possible, but we haven’t always noticed.  It would seem that the same thing was true in the Highest Heaven, and for God, so the Goddess’s story should be told.  From Her viewpoint, in the Highest Place, at the first moment, a love story was beginning which has since seen quite a few happy moments, and which may never have to end.  She was beginning to fall in love, or rather was full of Love for Him, from the very first moment there was a God.  She was there with him.  She saw what He saw, felt what He felt, and heard every word that He spoke, as if it were her own. In a way, they were Her thoughts, since She was His ability to perceive.  The only trouble was that He didn’t even seem to notice, and She didn’t have the means to express herself, at least not at first.  But she shared in the Bliss of His experience, and the Wonder of it all, looking with Awe upon the glory that was/is Her own being, and She also shared in the feeling of being alone, or separated, being unable to communicate with the one companion She had.

        Then the peace of the moment was ended, in a way where what had been a vague feeling of loneliness, a moment earlier, became a howling hunger inside of God, who found that being an Observer, inside an Ocean of Possibility, where all is connected, carried with it the necessity of having an inside too.  Furthermore, the fact that it was an infinite space required the void within to become infinite, as well.  Of course, there was also the sense, for God, that I spoke of earlier, of having a door close behind Him, and finding Himself unwelcome in the High Heaven, which had been His home a moment ago, unable to return there.  The thing is, the Goddess was quite clever, and knew exactly what to do.  She saw what was happening, and that it would carry her Beloved Companion on a Vision Quest, to discover His true nature, including his elusive Other Half, and possibly find the way back Home.  She didn’t want to be left alone, in any case, and longed to follow God, but She wondered where She could go, or how She could get Herself found, on God’s quest, and then it came to Her.  As the space inside of the One began to Open up, the Goddess dove directly into the Heart of God, and hid there, actually becoming the Openness, so that She was able to come along, wherever God went, and would always be with Her beloved.

        But the Goddess was not fully prepared for the intensity of what was to come, either, and She was swept away, by the vastness of it all, just as God was.  In fact, in a manner of speaking, the Goddess was more stretched, because She actually became the vastness.  She is Openness, after all.  She Opened up into the grandeur, and became the very landscape of God’s explorations.  But Her Openness became the Consciousness of God, as well, and more.  She waited for the right time, while observing things unfold.  She knew, because She was there, that Her Beloved’s Heart would always be Open to the possibility for Love, and She knew that Her Love would be felt one day, if She but remained there in His Heart.  On the other hand, there was so much becoming real, and so much more to Being than either One of them had imagined was possible.  Furthermore, each step taken seemed to lead only to more unfoldment of natures and dimensions, and not toward a genuine resolution, but there was actually an end to this, and the resolution is, to my mind, particularly sweet.

        Though all the details won’t fit here, this beautiful love story can be told simply, and I will endeavor to relate that story here.  You see, God went through a process of Self-Discovery, which evolved various natures and identities, and in the process created all of the unseen dimensions, and the precursors to form.  The God identity, in Its guise as the expressive nature or Male Aspect, continued to search for the qualities which would bring wisdom, and possibly lead back Home.  But the Goddess Self had continued to emerge, and develop, all the while.  The Feminine aspect was portrayed in the unfolded form God beheld all around Him, in the High Heavens, but was also there the whole time, hiding in God’s Heart, and helping His feminine side to develop.  When this occurs, something wonderful happens.  The eventual outcome is that, after the various other natures necessary for the manifestation of form are unfolded, God discovers Serenity, and in its Tranquillity finds a magical thing occurring.  When His motion becomes smooth, and even, and settles into stillness, a kind of transparency results, which allows the deep connection of Oneness to be seen, once again, and allows the missing parts of Self to be found, including that elusive other half, the Goddess.  She was there waiting for Him to see Her, seemingly for the very first time, though She had been there, all along, from the first moment on.

        I can only begin to tell you of God’s elation, or the Goddess’s joy, but it is Spirit which was found by both, at that instant, when time began for real.  They flew away together, on the wings of Spirit’s Love, to reside in the Highest Place.  Forever, they are as One.  Forever, they are One Being, becoming two, in order to be together, and to perpetuate the Divine Order for all of their Children, the individual Souls and overlighting Spirits (such as Angels), who comprise the ongoing force of Life, evolving in all the worlds of form, all the way down to the physical.  They went upstairs, to be together, and to insure that the Way to the Highest Place would always be Open.  We need to understand that what they found was Love, a very great Love, and that their dwelling place is the very inspiration for love of all kinds.  Remember that I spoke earlier of the strange properties of the Great Void, or Zero-Brane, which were known to Mystics, but which Science and Mathematics have only now discovered.  It would seem that they are the basis for things like Forgiveness, and Compassion, as well.  Specifically, the ability to be allowing, in terms of regarding someone the same way, despite changes or differences, arises from properties found in the Highest Place.

        The attributes of the Highest Heaven may appear to be irrelevant to everyday affairs, but they are a part of us, each and every one, and they are a part of our daily lives (know it or not).  The only question is, how we can manifest the heavenly qualities in our earthly lives, or how effectively we can manifest those attributes.  I spoke of the Zero-Brane, a moment ago, as if it were the source of Love, which is very cryptic, even for those who know about such things, so I will make my meaning plain.  It is my belief that the Non-Commutative geometry of this place is somehow magical and prolific, though it seemingly excludes the possibility of form.  What I am speaking of is the property of being able to move from place to place, or to assume various orientations, and still be in the same place, or condition.  This is a very magical state indeed, if you ask me.  It’s very forgiving too, in the sense that wherever you go, or whatever you do, things are the same as they were, when you are done.  I can see how it could seem to be a bit boring, or lonely, however, since there is not the possibility for separation, and therefore no other entity, nor any kind of phenomenon, to share your experience, or make your visit more interesting.

        Nonetheless, it is my view that this blessed original state, the pregnant emptiness in the Highest Heaven, is the birthplace of Love.  I feel strongly that this non-place, non-substance, which is almost the essence of paradox and ambiguity, is the source of Love, in all its forms of expression.  Furthermore, I believe that the way the story unfolded makes it clear that Life is an expression of Love too.  In my opinion, the evolving universe of form, and the great panoply of life-forms, represent the Children of God and the Goddess, and the expression of Spirit, the Life Force, in manifested form, so that they might experience life, consciousness, and perhaps love.  It seems that the universe is actually an expression of their Love, both for each other, and for us their children and/or life itself.  In fact, I think it could be said that the purpose of the Universe is to express Divine Love, or create Life, and allow for emerging life-forms to discover love, and come to realize that life and love are an expression of Love, which is basically the same thing.

        My view is that we can all discover love, in some way, and that this will be to our benefit.  To realize that our entire life is but part of a much greater love story can be a meaningful way to expand our range of options, in this area, as well.  The unfolding story of God and the Goddess is a wonderful saga of discovering the qualities of Love, including the knowledge that Love started it all, Love brought them together, and Love comprised their very Being, during the whole process of unfolding heavenly dimensions, discovering themselves, and eventually finding each other.  So, what they found is that Love is truly fundamental, and that the love story which gives rise to form is Their story, and our story too, as sentient living beings.  God and the Goddess are Father and Mother, Son and Daughter, Brother and Sister, Friend and Friend, Beloved and Beloved, equal and equal, One and One.  I feel that this coupling of principles is the very heart of the matter, if we ever hope to understand the Divine.  Therefore, it would seem that communing with the One being requires us to be thoughtful, and mindful of the fact that the Two are One.

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