Jonathan's Answers to
Mysteries of Science

Scientific speculation, and my
explanations of things which
remain poorly understood.

First, I offer you my own answers to
some of the current great questions
in Physics and Cosmology
Answers to Foundational Questions
(part one of two)

Then, an old theory
Revised and Updated
almost completely

Could the
Mandelbrot Set
Answer some questions that
befuddle Modern Cosmology?
(go to Mandelbrot Cosmology)

What would we learn
if we could chart
The Evolution of Mathematics
from First Principles


The quest for that knowledge began about
five years ago, when I made some fascinating discoveries,
and then I spent a full year refining my descriptions,
so that I could tell you how..

From the Simplest
All Form Arises

This article tells how the ancient teachings of
Sacred Geometry may show a route to a cosmos of form
from the Noncommutative Geometry which existed
before the advent of the Big Bang.

Modern Cosmology
is Undergoing a Revolution!

The January, 1999 Scientific American,
a Modern Cosmology feature issue,
asks a powerful question, on its cover.

"New observations have smashed
the old view of our universe.

What Now?"

Three articles propose at least
two possible answers, but they don't
answer all of the questions they raise.

Is there a Singular Theory
to Explain all the Data?
Here are my thoughts
on the subject

as of later that year.

Can we go beyond the boundaries
of conventional Science?
Here are some ideas
and some diagrams

still novel after a
number of years

..and more thoughts on seeing
beyond artificial boundaries.

Why should New Science make
us Question our Assumptions?
(read why I think the
Barriers are Coming Down)

Could a singular explanation of
the universe be simpler than we think?

Can all of Reality be explained in terms of
Five Qualities or Archetypes?
(learn more here)

Light from distant galaxies takes
billions of years to arrive here.

Why is Light So Slow?
(find out now!)

look for additional articles
here soon.

More to Come!

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