Love, Kindness,
Love Service, and

Do You Love

Even if you do,
I would suggest
Loving Yourself Better

What is more important
to the expression of love?
What we feel, and
how we express feeling,
or what we think, and whether
we put our heart into thinking?

In order to help answer this question,
I offer you two short essays

Emotional Love
the Logic of
the Heart

Is there such a thing as
Universal Love Service?

All Sentient Beings
Serve Love (a proof)

Serving Love Consciously
(an essay)

Love Is All
(a song lyric)

What is the Meaning

At one point in time, when I really needed
to know what Love was about,
my contemplations yielded
a somewhat poetic answer.


Does Sadness or Anger
help us to experience
(these are my beliefs)

Can Sending Love
help to Create Peace?
(this is my opinion)

More About Love than before,
and more to come soon!

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