Serving Love Consciously

by Jonathan J. Dickau ©'97 - All Rights Reserved

For many people, the idea of serving love is somehow remote, at best, but love service is actually something that everyone does, every day, whether they know it or not. Being alive, being capable of thinking, feeling, and experiencing, we are continually making decisions based upon our proclivities, but we're not always aware of why we act as we do, at least not most of us. The ability to choose does not carry with it the automatic awareness of exactly why we want what we do, but this is something which can be cultivated, and the understanding of it can give one great power of mastery in life. The way to attain this understanding is to acknowledge that we are acting in service of our feelings and beliefs.

When we examine our actions using the question of what feelings we are responding to by our actions, our motivations become clear in an instant. Feelings of love open our hearts and make us feel good, while other feelings each have their effects on the way we experience life, and the beliefs we form about life. It has been said that even beliefs are no more than feelings, on some level. What is a belief, but the sense or feeling of certainty about something? Seen in this light, feelings are our only guide, in terms of what prompts us to action. The choice of what feelings we identify with is quite important indeed, and it need not be left to chance. We have each got the right to choose what kind of person we wish to be, and the kind of life we will live. If we wish, we can choose to serve love through our actions, and by so doing we will have more opportunities for fulfillment.

The best thing about this, however, is that there is no effort involved! According to the dictionary definitions of the terms, serving love is something we all do anyway, and we merely need to become conscious of the process in order to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Of course, there are those individuals whose lives seem to be clear examples of love service, but the actions of others are harder to see in this light. The English language is very generous in its definition of the word love, however, rightly showing that any kind of action can be motivated by love. Whether you are speaking of actions arising from lust, attachment, greed, vanity, or anger, the fact is that the service of love, in some form, brought all of them to life. Love can bring out the worst in people, if they feel like slaves to it. Expressing love consciously, however, can have a very different result. When love is a choice, rather than a demand, magical things happen.

The process of acting in the service of love is far more rewarding when it is done willingly, consciously, and spontaneously, but where you are is the best place to start. Any attempt to become more aware of what you love most, and how your loves affect your actions, will alter your experience of life. The greatest levels of fulfillment can be experienced only by one who is acting out of love, but this is really you. Take credit for the fact that you are already doing this, to some degree and on some level, so that you give yourself permission to feel thankful for the opportunities to love that life gives us. By being thankful for all the little things, we leave the door open to the possibility for more good things to happen. When you choose to feel the warmth of your own life force, you are far more radiant and alive. There is actually more of you to work with, and this can only work in your favor, but there is a price.

You can only experience love by allowing it to have expression in your life. Simply put, one can only have love by giving it away. If you wish to have fulfillment in your life, you must learn ways to make your life an expression of love. By serving love more consciously, we tend to get better at choosing those things which express love more effectively, and we become free of internal conflicts. Sometimes it is a challenge to express love at all, and compassion is difficult to find, either in the world or in yourself. The kind of decisions we are required to make in order to survive are not always pleasant, and there is often a down side to every choice, but if we choose with loving attention it will help. The experience of love is an important part of being human, and it is wise to give it due respect. If you want to feel love, you have to let go; you need to allow it to happen. Give yourself over to the experience of love, and you'll be happy!

Of course, some forms of love service are inherently more fulfilling than others, but the common denominator seems to be that these things are consciously chosen. Perhaps this is the key to all fulfillment, that the choosing is what we like best. But are we really choosing what we love, or do we only choose to follow that which we have no choice but to love? Can we alter our own tastes over time, and do we want to? Is it even necessary to change your preferences if the real deciding factor is being aware of how you feel while you are doing the choosing? Realize that you will be serving your love for something, or someone, whatever you do. If you choose your actions wisely, you'll be serving the love of something you can feel good about. Otherwise, it's harder to find lasting fulfillment, but you can still learn something in the process.

(c)'97 Jonathan Dickau - All Rights Reserved

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