©'97 Jonathan Dickau

Love is beyond all description.

Love is greater than what anyone can express,
greater than that which anyone can understand,
or experience, and yet..

It is always fully expressed,
by those who are the givers
whenever Love is given, and
It's nature is quite fully known,
by all who have feelings,
wherever It's presence is felt.

Love knows no absolute boundaries,
but all of the boundaries in life
were put there out of love,
to allow Soul's desires to find expression.

Love is the inspiration for all that is,
and yet it is far beyond any thing,
or any combination of things.

Love is greater than any thought,
idea, or conception of meaning,
yet it is the reason why we have thoughts,
and why meanings are sought.

Love is far greater than any feeling,
and yet our capacity to feel grows more out of love
than for any other reason.

Love is far beyond anything
which can be obtained by reaching,
or striving, and yet..

Love is the real motivation behind all efforts,
striving, or reaching beyond oneself,
and beyond ones limits.

Love is the ultimate goal of all searching,
and it is also our only reliable means
of obtaining that goal.

Love is the one key that can unlock all things.

It can reveal the deepest mystery.

It will soften the hardest hearts.

It brings you to the very Heart of Heaven.

It will reveal itself through the art of giving,
and the sharing of oneself.

For Love is a gift.

It is, in fact the one gift there is.

As, truly, all other gifts are a part
of this gift of giving.

Love is the basis for Life itself!

In fact, It is Life, and everything else
also arises out of Love.

Love is the very substance of Life,
and Love's expression is the purpose
for which all of reality came into being.

It is the one thing to which all life aspires,
because Love is what we have always been.

Love is so healing, and it feels so familiar,
because it is the true nature of your Self.

Soul has the same nature as Love.
It arises out of the giving of the One.
Soul is the Kindness of the One
Divine Self incarnate.

Life is the expression of Its
desire to show Love.

Ours is the fulfillment of Its
dreams of Love's expression.

This is the essence of Divine Love.

It is the One Self giving the gift of Itself to us,
so that we might share in the great expression of Love.

It is the one gift, that we can find
Love's meaning in our lives,
and the Life of the Divine in Our Self.

Giving, Kindness, and the expression of Love
bring us closer to the One,
and closer to our own true Self.

They make it possible to experience
the Love that Spirit has for us,
and they make it easier for us to accomplish
Life's sweet purpose.

All other things in life pale before Love,
for true fulfillment comes only
when Love is realized.

It is as great as a lightning stroke,
so bright, and powerful,
that it threatens to shatter the heavens.

But Love is as soft as a Flower too,
and often just as fragile.

So, though It has always been here,
It will only be sure to appear in Its own sweet time.

... ... ...

©'97 Jonathan J. Dickau - all rights reserved

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