Thought Provoking Questions
about New Science in our lives

by Jonathan J. Dickau

1. How do you model reality?

2. How predictable is the Universe we live in?

3. How much does one's viewpoint, or frame of reference, affect what happens?

4. What random facts do you have a tough time finding a place for?

5. What examples do you know of very small entities which can have a pronounced effect?

6. How about large and/or distant objects which influence our daily lives?

7. Which is more real, or more alive, matter or energy?

8. What examples can you find of everyday objects which have a complex, interesting, or nebulous border? What about unusual objects?

9. What can you think of which isn't quite one way or the other?

10. What ethical or religious questions has Science raised for you?

©'97 Jonathan J. Dickau - all rights reserved

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