When What I Need

by Jonathan Dickau ©'97

When what I need is to be with you,
will you always want to be alone?

When I want to come by, to visit you,
will you make me stay here, at home?

If I was lonely right next to you,
would you make me remain alone,
or would you invite me to spend
my time with you?

When what I need is an in,
and you have to leave yourself an out,
will you always express your doubt
that we can get together?

When what I need is a dream,
and you don't want me hoping
for more than what's real,
will I be expected contented to feel
that I am alone?

When what I need is your love,
will you still be hoping for help from above,
so that I do not need it?

If I feel such a great love for you,
and if I hope to know that you can love me too,
will you ever try to convince me it's true
in a way that I will believe it?

When what I need is to be
free of the love I have wanted from thee,
will you then begin to feel it?




Jonathan J. Dickau ©'97,'99 - all rights reserved

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or for personal use, are permitted, but
reproduction fo commercial purposes
is not allowed.

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First posted on
January 12, 1999