Sonnet 1

The centering of an Eternal state,
in Mercy, where the blessings may abound
gives rise to Love, and love brings all things great,
and makes them greater still where love is found.

The dear creative stream of sweet love flows
out of the Heart of God, and yet it seems
desire from that love-stream also grows,
and oft' enough love seems most real in dreams.

The master of the heart is not the will,
nor should the mind determine where love brings
the traveler, whose journey does fulfill
the needs of love, and honor its sweet springs.

Thine was not the journey that I made,
nor would I give up my heart to trade.

©'98 Jonathan J. Dickau - all rights reserved

Sonnet 2

Memories of a dream replay in me
the images of a love that once was found
in my belief in love, true love for thee
since, more than once I felt your love abound

Gentleness in your heart, I once did feel,
and in your body's closeness wondrous things.
It made me know that your sweet love was real,
as elemental joy from your love springs.

The burdens of my heart are not your own,
though your decisions played upon my fate.
The sweetness of your love I still enthrone,
so love, I bid you, turn not love to hate.

Though your rebuke has caused me naught but pain,
still I do hope to feel your love again.

©'98 Jonathan J. Dickau - all rights reserved

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First posted on
January 12, 1999

Jonathan J. Dickau ©'98,'99 - all rights reserved