Sexuality, and

It seems to be an ongoing struggle
for human beings to get along.

One of the most rewarding areas
of human interaction is also
often the most challenging.

What can we do, to make things better?


What is more important
to the expression
of Love?

What we feel, and how we express feeling,
or what we think, and whether we put our
heart into thinking?

This is, perhaps, the very
essence of Romance.

In order to help answer this question,
I offer you two short essays

Emotional Love
the Logic of
the Heart

I have experienced the break-up
of a loving relationship I thought could last,
enough times to know how tough it can be.

I often wonder about those people
I've had to leave behind, along with
other things which were important to me,
and whether it's better to
Let Go or Let Be?

Does society go too far
in attempting to control
the romantic behavior of
free individuals?

Is our culture somehow nobler,
if we limit the sexual activity
among consenting adults?
(my answer is here)

It surprised me to learn that although
most men are afraid of women,
most women don't know,
and most men
don't tell.

Do Men Fear Women, and
Do Women Fuel Men's
Warlike Tendencies?
(read my comments)

Please be patient, as I gather,
and generate, materials to place here.

I will enjoy posting to this page.

I hope there will be plenty more to share soon.

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January 5, 1999,

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August 21, 2006

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