Music and Playing

A Page dedicated to Music
and its study, the Music Business,
and to Playing, of itself.

Is there a gap between the
evolution of musical styles,
and their introduction, or
availability, to the music
buying public?

There has been,
for a long time.

Read about
Genre Gap

..then read about
Closing the Gap.

Are There Two Different Ways
to Play the Same Thing?

Do two people naturally play
the same thing differently?

Should we learn both ways?

Perhaps we should all learn
The Right and the Left
Way to Play

..more to come

I wish all good luck
with your music,
and your playing.

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First posted on
January 12, 1999

Last updated on
August 21, 2006

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February 17, 2007

I enjoy what I do,
and I hope that you do
as well.

Thank You.

- jd