Independent Thinking

I lead off with a
new article on the
Source of All Symbolism

Then I offer another new article about
how we learn to think abstractly, entitled
Levels of Abstraction

I wrote this next article in preparation because
I wanted to tackle the hardest part of
my Search for the Common Thread
first, by attempting to chart

The Evolution of Mathematics
from First Principles

What is the most essential tool
for independent thinkers?
Why do we need it?

An Open Mind
is a Better Guide

What does it really mean
to be who you are?
Does it take a special skill?

Learn about
Being Yourself

Then learn why we need to
be critical of skeptics, and
think for ourselves.

Doubting the Doubter

My Letter to the Editors

at Scientific American

What would your life be like
if you were comprised
completely of Energy?

Many people don't realize
that this is exactly what we are,
but some people are learning, and
Awakening Anew

(This Article has been posted at,
since July of 2001, where it has garnered
a fair amount of attention.)

Would your life be a dream
if your wishes were fulfilled?

Many people don't know
what they want, but some are
Making Wishes Come True

What is Known,
What is the Unknown,
and is it Unknowable?

How can we
Cross the Boundaries?

What is more substantial,
Fantasy or Reality?

(see my opinions on this)

I often wonder about those people I've
had to leave behind, along with many things which
were important to me, and whether it's better to

Let Go or Let Be?

Do You Love

I suggest
Loving Yourself Better

There will be far more, in this section,
but this is all for now.

- Jonathan

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